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Rete Milano is a Volunteer Organization (ODV) created to give emergency first aid to refugees in transit from Milan arriving mainly from the Balkan route

La tua dichiarazione dei redditi come atto solidale. Donare il tuo 5x1000 a RETE MILANO ODV non costa nulla.

CF: 97877460150

our mission

We have made a choice of sides in favor of migrants since the problem has revealed itself with all its violence and shame.



The help we give fills the void left by the institutions in the eyes of which these migrants, men, women and children are mostly invisible. So much so that they, exhausted after a very long and tiring journey in Milan, are not offered any welcome or refreshment point.

It is not at all easy to relate to these people because one enters their pain empathically.



With Rete Milano we get our hands dirty and, with each call, we make a conscientious objection to the crime of clandestinity with which our Western hypocrisy denies men and women the innate right to migrate and to dream elsewhere of a future often denied in their lands by our models consumerists and warmongers.



But it is equally satisfying when they write to us that they have arrived at their destination and we touch the importance of having followed their steps for a short distance.

We work for a relationship of trust and collaboration between the third sector and the institutions, hoping that the premises for a real welcome can arise from this


your tax return as a solidarity deed

Donate 5×1000 to ReteMilano COSTS NOTHING. In fact, you pay the personal income tax due and nothing more; it is the Government that allocates a part of the tax owed by the taxpayer (5×1000 in fact) for solidarity purposes.

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